The Serpell Family History

Welcome to the online resource for the Serpell family. On this site you will find some information about the Serpell name, the origins of the family and the places to which they travelled, as well as details about some of the more notable members.

The Serpell Family History project aims to collect information about Serpells, and connected families across the world. The project began around 2000 as the Serpell One Name Study. At the time we only referenced people who had the name Serpell, or one of its historic variants, together with their spouse if any. We did not, at that stage, follow the line down from female Serpells who changed their name on marriage.

This is now being changed. We have begun adding children of women born Serpell and following those lines down. Eventually we want to also trace upwards the lines of those women who became Serpells on marriage. This means that whether you trace your line back to a male or female Serpell, we hope to add it to this study.

This will obviously take a great deal of time so please bear with us if your particular line is not mentioned. If it isn’t, please get in touch with your information.

If you are a Serpell, or have a Serpell in your family, we hope you find something of interest in this site. If you have any family documents, photographs or memorabilia that you’d like to share with other family members or you just have any queries about Serpells then please get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about one name studies then please click here for the website of The Guild of One Name Studies.

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George Richards Serpell 1834-1919. Photographed at Treworgey Farm, Duloe, Cornwall c1894